Augustus Nazzaro

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Artist Statement

My monochromatic paintings explore the ideas behind various forms of image making and the power to define the time in which we live in. Through the use of various media sources, the work represents our need to uncover and better understand reality as it is defined by images. Ranging from fringe revolutionary group photographs, to manuals on caching weapons, or video feeds of terrorist activities, these paintings work through the seemingly innocuous images that surround acts of terror, violence, political strife or other moments in history. By working in bodies of work, the paintings together create visual queues that build deeper themes.

Pieces of information are lost through the back and forth physical manipulation of applying paint and subsequently sanding and removing it from the wooden panels. This deterioration of the image mirrors the breakdown already apparent in the original source material and exaggerates the distance between the subject and viewer. They directly reference photography’s grainy quality or the tonal range of a photocopied reproduction.

Investigating the paradoxical nature of pictures, I work to reveal the subject’s inner truth while simultaneously visually obscuring it. This processing of imagery creates abstracted and suggestive compositions that make allusions to uncertainty and question representation itself.


Born 1984, New York Works in Queens, NY


2012 MFA School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
2007 BFA School of Visual Arts, New York, NY


2014 In Pursuit of Shadows, Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY

Search for the Real, De Buck Gallery, New York, NY; Curated by Brian Alfred
Augustus Nazzaro & Seth Adelsberger, Ballast Projects, Spring/Break, New York, NY
Distrust That Particular Flavor, Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY; Curated by Dexter Wimberly.
Ghost Current, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark; Curated by Ryan Wallace.
For the Time Being, Koki Arts, Tokyo, Japan; Curated by Dexter Wimberly.
Marquee Moon, Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York, NY.
Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1, Industry Ci ty, Brooklyn, NY .
The Wi l lows, Brooklyn, NY; Curated by Sharona El iassaf and Emi ly Weiner.
239 Days, Al legra LaViola Gal lery, New York, NY; Curated by Stephen Maine.
Ugly Broke Sober, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York, NY; Curated by Adam Sherman.
Intersect ions, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY; Curated by Jordana Zeldin, ArtBridge.
Every Once Somet imes Now, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY; Ron Segev, Curator and Richard Goldstein, Assistant curator.
VUU II, KK Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
Almost Down, Gallery Tayuta, Tokyo, Japan.
Works In Progress, Artbridge public installation, Brooklyn, NY.
Tonal Range, The Artbridge Drawing Room, New York, NY; Curated by Jordana Zeldin Lucid Dreaming, Tompkins Square Library Gallery, New York, NY.
Art Love Japan, In Rivers Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
Emerge To Be Seen, Westside Gallery, New York, NY.
Need Not Apply, Live With Animals Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
After Math, P.S. 122, New York, NY.
Hidden Wisdom: Free Range, Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY.
Hidden Wisdom: Based on a True Story, The Arsenal, Brooklyn, NY.
Hidden Wisdom: Alternate Ending, The Arsenal, Brooklyn, NY.
Hidden Wisdom: Pop Occultism, Grace Space, Brooklyn, NY.
Summer Camp II: “Like a Moth to the Flame”, Exile, Berlin, Germany; Curated by Dan Halm Halpert Biennial 2009, Boone, NC; Curated by Jeffrey Grove of the High Museum.
All Tomorrow’s Art, White Box: Bowery, New York, NY.
AAOS presents “eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopedics in Art”, Convention Center, traveling show: San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL.
Architectural Spaces, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY; Curated by Gary Sherman.
The Affordable Art Fair- Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY; Curated by Dan Halm.
“fig’u·ra·tive” – Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY; Curated by Gunars Prande.
What War? from the Before You Don’t Vote Series – White Box Chelsea, New York, NY; Curated by Eleanor Heartney and Larry Litt.
OUTSIDE THE BOX – The Annex, New York, NY; Curated by Judith Souriau.
Moscow Biennial I – “Fw:Re:Forma?” Joseph Backstein School of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia


2012 Paula Rhodes Memorial Award, School of Visual Arts, NY
2007 The Society of Scribes Award, School of Visual Arts, NY
Honors Award, BFA Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, NY


2006 Department of Anatomical Sciences, independent study, Stony Brook University, NY

Minimalissimo Nº1, published by Minimalissimo. Catalogue in print.
In Pursuit of Shadows, Published by Harper’s Books in conjunction with Halsey McKay Gallery, designed by Chris Mansour. Catalogue in print.
Copenhagen Contemporary interview by Peter Ibsen on Augustus Nazzaro,
Minimalissimo feature on Augustus Nazzaro,
Lifestyle Mirror interview with Christie’s Saara Pritchard Shares “Best New Artists in 2013”,
SVA MFAs Gather for a Post Graduate Show, Hamptons Art Hub, http: / / -graduat ionshow
Postomedia interview by Aust in Varner on Augustus Nazzaro,
Manifest International Drawing Annual 6. Catalogue in print
Tonal Range. The Artbridge Drawing Room. Essay and curated by Jordana Zeldin. Catalogue in print
VUU II. Summer/Fall Issue. Featured artist in online publication and catalogue in print
AAOS presents “eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopedics in Art. Catalogue in print
20/20. Essay by Suzanne Anker, curated by Jerry Saltz. Catalogue in print. Published by School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.
Fear II. Online catalogue curated by Projekt30
Violence. Online catalogue curated by Projekt30


Primary Art Services Art Handler 2007-present
School of Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty 2015-present
(Foundation Painting and Drawing)