Grants Bringing People Together

See our grants at work with examples of grants given through RHMF’s Quality of Life Program. During the life of the Foundation, no eligible patient has ever been denied a grant.


Lourdes is a 56-year-old woman who is finishing a round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer. A grant of would allow her to travel to see her parents and two sisters who live Ilio Ilio, Philippines begin beginning another round of treatment. (August,  2014)



Pat is a 53-year-old man with neuroblastoma (brain cancer) who is in need of surgery for phenoid sinus masses. He hasn’t seen his father in over ten years and a grant will allow him to see both his parents in Barbados before surgery. (February 2014)




Randy is a single disabled doorman unable to use alternate speech or swallow for two years due to his advanced larynx cancer. Texting is his only means of communicating with his family, friends, and doctor and is his lifeline to his support system. Randy’s mother lives in another county, recently lost her job, and is no longer able to help him financially. A grant will pay for his cell phone with unlimited texting so that he can continue to receive support from his family, friends, and doctor. (January 2014)




Elizabeth is a 48-year-old woman with breast cancer who wants to visit her brothers in the Dominican Republic before she begins her next round of radiation treatment in a few weeks. She is emotionally drained from treatment and a grant would allow her to receive the support of her family she needs before undergoing her next. (February 2014)




Atanaska is presently in the hospital for complications after a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia. Her daughter has not been able to visit her mother in the US in almost two years due to lack of funds. Antanaska is hoping to have her daughter come visit her to provide much needed emotional support. (February 2013)



Benedicte is a 40 year old woman who needs her mother to help care for her and her children while she in treatment with radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer. A grant would allow her the patient’s mother to travel form France to New York. (January 2008)